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06/28/2008Xaris Alexiou2 Lp se 1 CD No1
TodayXaris Alexiou2 Lp se 1 CD No6
TodayXaris AlexiouAlexiou 2
YesterdayXaris AlexiouAnthologio (2005)
01/08/2008Xaris AlexiouAproblepta
09/13/2007Xaris AlexiouAproblepta Tragoudia
03/24/2008Xaris AlexiouBallads
YesterdayXaris AlexiouByssino Nerantzi (2006)
YesterdayXaris AlexiouCine Keramikos
12/02/2007Xaris AlexiouConte Live
YesterdayXaris AlexiouDimitroula Mou
08/05/2007Xaris AlexiouDos Mou Mia Mera
03/12/2008Xaris AlexiouDos Mou Mia Mera
01/14/2007Xaris AlexiouDuets
TodayXaris AlexiouEi
11/19/2007Xaris AlexiouEmfilios Erotas (1984)
09/03/2007Xaris AlexiouEmifilios Erotas
09/08/2007Xaris AlexiouEna Fili Tou Kosmou
03/11/2008Xaris AlexiouEna Fili Tou Kosmou
12/04/2007Xaris AlexiouEna Mousiko Taksidi
00/00/0000Xaris AlexiouGirizontas Ton Kosmo
TodayXaris AlexiouGirizontas Ton Kosmo
10/23/2007Xaris AlexiouGreatest Hits
YesterdayXaris AlexiouI Agapi Einai Zali
03/21/2008Xaris AlexiouI Diki Mas Nichta
08/03/2007Xaris AlexiouI Nyxta Thelei Erwta
02/01/2008Xaris AlexiouI Poli pou Oneireytika
08/04/2007Xaris AlexiouI Zoi Mou Kiklous Kani
10/02/2007Xaris AlexiouI Zoi Mou Kiklous Kani
03/16/2008Xaris AlexiouKrataei Xronia Auti i kolonia
08/12/2007Xaris AlexiouKrataei Xronia Auti i Kolonia
06/05/2008Xaris AlexiouKsimeroni
10/11/2007Xaris AlexiouLaika Tragoudia
03/24/2008Xaris AlexiouLaika Tragoudia (1975)
01/28/2008Xaris AlexiouLive (2006)
10/10/2007Xaris AlexiouLive 92-96
YesterdayXaris AlexiouOdos Nefelis 88
07/14/2007Xaris AlexiouOrizontes (2006)
01/20/2007Xaris AlexiouOs Tin Akri Tou Ouranou
01/16/2008Xaris AlexiouParakseno Fos
01/11/2008Xaris AlexiouParakseno Fos
01/07/2008Xaris AlexiouPsithuroi
03/24/2008Xaris AlexiouPsithuroi
11/24/2007Xaris AlexiouTa Dueta Tis Haroulas
TodayXaris AlexiouTa Laika Tis
TodayXaris AlexiouTa Ntoueta Ths Haroulas
03/22/2008Xaris AlexiouTa Ntoueta Ths Haroulas
01/03/2008Xaris AlexiouTa Tragoudia Tis Gis
03/25/2008Xaris AlexiouTa Tsilika CD1 (1983)
01/25/2007Xaris AlexiouTa Tsilika CD2 (1983)
06/20/2007Xaris AlexiouTill The End Of Your Sky
02/05/2007Xaris AlexiouTo pexnidi tis Agapis
02/24/2008Xaris AlexiouTo Tragoudi Tou Xelidoniou
03/18/2008Xaris AlexiouTragoudia Tis Gis Mou
01/07/2007Xaris AlexiouXaris (1992)
12/20/2007Xaris AlexiouXaris 1976
01/02/2007Xaris AlexiouXaris A Paris
06/19/2008Xaris AlexiouXaris Alexiou (1994)
06/22/2008Xaris AlexiouXatzis

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