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 Artist NameAlbum NameDownload
06/08/2008H.A.W.K.The Incredible H.A.W.K.
YesterdayH.A.W.K.Under Hawks Wings
11/09/2007H.W.A.Azz Much Ass Azz U Want
05/17/2008Haiku D'EtatHaiku D'Etat (1999)
00/00/0000Half A MilDa Hustle Dont Stop - 2002
05/22/2008Half Click ProjectFrom Cali To Vegas
04/01/2008Half-A-MillDa Hustle Don't Stop
04/25/2008Half-A-MillDa Hustle Don't Stop
05/18/2007Half-A-MillDa Hustle Don't Stop
03/18/2008Half-A-MillDa Hustle Don't Stop
04/05/2008Half-A-MillDa Hustle Don't Stop
01/13/2008HalfbreedEvolution (192kb) (2002)
05/15/2008HalfbreedKillas Of The World EP
02/26/2008HalfbreedRage Of The Plague
04/08/2008HalfbreedRage Of The Plague (2000)
YesterdayHalfbreedThe End
06/10/2008Hall of JustusSoldiers of Fortune
05/12/2008Hall Of JustusSoldiers Of Fortunes
04/28/2007HammerToo Legit To Quit
05/29/2007Handsome Boy Modeling SchoolSo... How's Your Girl
04/08/2008Handsome Boy Modeling SchoolSo... How's Your Girl (1999)
11/16/2007Handsome Boy Modeling SchoolSo...How's Your Girl
04/01/2007Handsome Boy Modeling SchoolWhite People
02/01/2007Handsome Boy Modeling SchoolWhite People
YesterdayHandsome Boy Modeling SchoolWhite People
04/13/2008Handsome Boy Modeling SchoolWhite People (2004)
YesterdayHandsome Boy Modeling School (Prince Paul and Dan the Automator)So.... Hows Your Girl (1999)
03/14/2007Hangar 18Sweep The Leg
09/11/2007Hangar 18The Multi Platinum Debut Album
01/25/2008Hard HeadzWithout This (1998)
01/09/2007HarleckinzFrom The Levels Below
04/13/2008Harlem 6 (Wu-Tang)The Lost files
02/17/2008Harlem WorldMovement
09/25/2007Harlem WorldMovement
04/25/2008Harmonic 33Extraordinary People
06/01/2008HarmonyLet There Be Harmony
03/28/2008Hasan SalaamHidden Jewels
02/24/2007Hasan SalaamParadise Lost
02/02/2008Hassa MersPercevoir Un Monde
01/16/2008Hassachi RydaH Ryde The EP
04/18/2008Hassachi RydaH Ryde The EP
04/12/2008Hassachi RydaH Ryde The EP
05/05/2007Hassachi RydaH Ryde The EP
03/05/2008Hassachi RydaH Ryde The EP
04/14/2008Hassachi RydaH Ryde The EP
04/10/2007HatchetThe Big Twister
YesterdayHatchetThe Big Twister
03/28/2007HatchetHeadPoster Child For The Undead
04/14/2008HatemostDouble Delirio (Greek Rap)
TodayHavocThe Cush (2007)

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